About me

I am an ADAS engineer at Audi of America. I was previously a controls PhD student at the Technical University of Munich, working at the Chair of Automatic Control Engineering.

My research interest is developing enhanced Model Predictive Control (MPC) methods, especially for application to automated vehicles.

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Short CV

2022 - present Sr. Development Engineer (ADAS), Audi of America

2017 – 2022 PhD student, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

2021 Visiting researcher, University of California, Berkeley

2016 Visiting researcher, California Institute of Technology

2014 – 2017 Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, TUM

2014 Visiting researcher, University of South Carolina

2011 – 2014 Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, TUM

Extended CV

(alternative spelling for my name: Tim Bruedigam)


  • My PhD thesis is now available online here. (10/2022)

  • Our paper Safe Stochastic Model Predictive Control was accepted for the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2022 (CDC). Check out the preprint here. (07/2022)

  • Last week, I've successfully defended my PhD. Thanks everyone who made my time in academia such a great experience! (07/2022)

  • I started a job as a Sr. Development Engineer (ADAS) at Audi of America in California. (03/2022)

  • I submitted my PhD thesis with the title Safety and Efficiency in Model Predictive Control for Systems with Uncertainty. (01/2022)

  • I gave a 5 minute talk at the seminar The Future of Mobility, organized by Wolf Theiss. The talk is about safety of automated vehicles. (10/2021)